Knowledge nom-noms

Time for another quick glance at the nightstand to see what’s been brewing…


So podcasts are rapidly proliferating to the point of TLCL (Too Long Can’t Listen). Rather, I’m going to post good episodes in the hopes this will contain the burgeoning list.

On Being is the new favourite at the moment. Far from being a fluffy “how to live better” this podcast has been a breathe of fresh air. I’d recommend the episode that speaks to me as a teacher and the nonsense I see in my classroom, namely students trying to meet the ludicrous expectations of parents, society and themselves, only to still find they are unhappy.

Check it out: How do you want to Be when you grow up?

Samuel Stein’s new book about gentrification and its relation to real estate capital since the 1980s looks like a must-read! Haven’t got my dirty paws on it yet, but the Stein’s interview with Daniel Denver at The Dig is a good listen for a long drive.


It’s almost a hundred years old (and a few colonially-minded markers hint at the age of the text), and yet Woolf’s classic polemic on the need for freedom from domestic, economic and emotional servitude in order for women to engage their creative faculties still hits deep chords. Cold comfort, but comfort nonetheless for any woman who has personally been confronted with the price tag of a room of her own when she has dared to ask for what her male counterpart has by birthright.

A book that will get read again and again.

Things are heavy at the moment (heading towards PhD End Game!) So no fiction this post. Am looking forward to reading Herman Hesse’s “The Glass Bead Game” shortly. For now, PHAMBILI PHD PHAMBILI!